Ferroperm Piezoceramics

Ferroperm Piezoceramics

Meggitt PLC is a global engineering group specialising in extreme environment components and smart sub-systems for aerospace, defence and energy markets. More than 7500 people are employed across manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and North America and regional bases in India and the Middle East. Denmark based Meggitt Ferroperm Piezoceramics is a member of Meggitt Sensing Systems and has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing of high quality piezoelectric ceramics for its strategic markets: Vibration Sensors, Underwater Acoustics, Medical Ultrasound, Flowmeters, NDT and Energy Harvesting. Ferroperm is the first company to commercialize piezoelectric thick films technology through its registered trademark - InSensor®.
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Ferroperm Piezoceramics
28 Feb 2024

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IDTechEx Report: Dr Jack Howley and Dr Tess Skyrme
12 May 2023

Ferroperm Piezoceramics

Ferroperm Piezoceramics manufacture piezoelectric ceramic components which can be used as actuators and sensors. IDTechEx spoke with Louise Bierregaard (Senior Research Engineer) and Rasmus Lou-Moeller (Director of Engineering).
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13 Nov 2020

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9 Jun 2020

Meggitt (PiezoPaint)

Meggitt is a large UK-based company with 12,000 employees that manufactures components for aerospace, defence and energy applications. This profile focusses on a recently developed technology from the Ferroperm Piezoceramics division, specifically a piezoelectric ink.
16 Sep 2013

Meggitt A/S

Meggitt A/S is located in Denmark and is part of Meggitt PLC, a FTSE 100 global engineering company with annual sales of Ā£1.6 billion. They own and develop InSensor, a technology based on thick film piezoelectric ceramics. They use screen-printing to make various piezoelectric devices in sensing and energy harvesting. One particularly successful device made with InSensor is an ultrasonic transceivers for medical imaging.
3 May 2012

Single Crystals are in at Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe

These naturally occurring, but mostly manufactured, piezoelectric materials are fast becoming a hot topic for exploration in energy harvesting, exhibiting 10 times as much voltage output compared with polycrystalline PZT(1) are utilized in applications where the emphasis is on high output and sensitivity.
27 May 2010

High Coupling Piezoelectric Thick Film Materials

Ferroperm Piezoceramics A/S, MEGGITT, Denmark, Denmark