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Myant is an innovation hub for designing, developing and producing wearable technology. Our in-house team holds an array of talents who are industry leaders in fashion design, chemistry, physics, software development and engineering, creating a diverse group of talent, with the expertise to deliver on any project.
Together we believe in intelligently integrating and embedding technology into textiles in order to change how we live.
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24 Jun 2020

Partnership for the Clinical Validation of Textile Computing Solutions

Myant Inc and KITE Research Institute have announced a multiyear co-development partnership that leverages the Myant Platform, the company's core textile computing technology (commercially known as Skiin), as well as research from KITE and UHN to develop and clinically validate an array of digital diagnostics and digital therapies backed by the Myant Platform.
21 Jan 2020

Underwear Captures Accurate ECG

Myant is on a mission to transform human connectedness. It has created the world's first platform in Textile Computing continuously and ambiently connecting people to their own bodies, to each other, and to the world.
20 Nov 2019

Textile Computing TM, Healthcare Re-imagined

Myant Inc.Canada
18 Nov 2019

Application of Emerging Healthcare Technologies at the IDTechEx Show!

Held over 20 - 21 November 2019 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, USA, the latest edition of the IDTechEx Show! will once again feature the application of emerging technologies to the healthcare industry.
8 Nov 2019

Over-the-skin Electrical Stimulation for Movement in Quadriplegics

Researchers used new closed-loop neurostimulation methods and textile-based electrodes to facilitate individual finger movement and grasp force regulation in quadriplegia individuals.
5 Nov 2019

Myant Inc. Defines the Future of E-Textiles Connections

Myant Inc., the global leader in Textile Computing and smart textiles, is a key sponsor at the IDTechEx Show 2019, where they are showcasing the next generation of wearable technologies, smart textiles, and textile computing platform.
1 Nov 2019

General Motors, Faurecia and Myant to open the IDTechEx Show!

Opening the IDTechEx Show! on November 20-21 at the Santa Clara Convention Center are three cornerstone speakers, highlighting key progress and future visions across the topics covered at the event.
8 Oct 2019

Spotlight on Myant

Myant is driven by a belief that technology should improve people's lives, that it should be accessible to all and that it can and should be invisible. Meet Myant at Wearable USA 2019.
18 Sep 2019

At Last a Smart Materials Event for Business Deals

The IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, California on November 20-21 has it all. There will be over 270 exhibitors engaging with 3,500 attendees; seven parallel conferences and even masterclasses on November 19 and 22, with matchmaking services and awards. Land the big order or at least come away "married" and famous!
10 Sep 2019

The future of wearables is medical (Part 1)

IDTechEx's most recent report on the industry includes historic data and 10 year market forecasts for 48 different wearable technology product types, of which 20 are types of wearable medical device. These include more traditional medical products such as hearing aids, cardiac devices (e.g. Holter monitors or event monitors) and insulin pumps, but also newer devices such as continuous glucose monitors (CGM) for diabetics, other new electronic skin patches, and other emerging wearable medical device prospects. These products increased their combined annual revenue by $10bn a year in the period from 2010 to 2019, and make up around a third of all of the wearable device revenue in 2019.
30 Jan 2019

E-textiles at CES 2019

Once again, CES 2019 displayed many examples of e-textile products throughout the exhibition floor. As ever, companies ranged from early stage start-ups scattered throughout "Eureka Park", through to some of the best known and longest established players with booths (generally in the Sands Expo). In this article, we will describe our overall impressions, followed by listing summaries of each of the companies that we visited and interviewed.
17 Jan 2019


IDTechEx caught up with Tony Chahine, CEO of Myant.
28 Nov 2018

Smartphone controlled clothing warms up

Smart, discreet and wire-free heated base layer that keeps men and women warm in all the right places while ensuring flexibility and style.
24 Jul 2018

Myant And Butler Technologies wearable technology partnership

Myant Inc and Butler Technologies Inc have announced a licensing agreement of Myant's wearable electro-luminescent lamp technology and a partnership for the advancement of Textile Computing through Butler's participation in Myant's Digital Textile Factory initiative.
14 May 2018

Myant & STOLL unveil the digital textile factory

The Myant & STOLL collaboration revolutionizes localized production with a one-stop, virtual factory that provides solutions for R&D, design, and manufacturing at scale.
21 Feb 2018

Government of Canada's new innovation program

$950-million investment positions Canada for an innovation boom in high-growth sectors
6 Feb 2018

Smart Underwear: Connected Textiles

Using printed electronics and fiber science Myant seamlessly embed technology into textiles to change the way we live.
24 Jan 2018

E-textiles at CES 2018

Latest announcements and interviews with 11 emerging industry players at the largest technology show in North America
24 Jan 2018

Update from Myant

IDTechEx have covered all of Myant's progress in scaling advanced e-textile manufacturing in North America over the last few years.
30 Nov 2017


Myant announced a partnership with ZOLL Medical Corporation to develop future generations of their ZOLL LifeVest wearable defibrilator product. This is a summary of the announcement.
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