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21 Oct 2021

Cambrios Film Solutions Corp

Cambrios Film Solutions Corp is a company producing silver nanowire transparent conductive films. It has a somewhat complex history and is now headquartered in Taiwan with operations in Xiamen and Shenzen in China as well as Japan. The company effectively became the property of TPK Holdings in 2016, following post-bankruptcy restructuring - at this stage there are indicators that it has been fully absorbed by its parent company.
2 Mar 2020


Royole manufactures flexible displays and sensors. It is best known for producing the world's first commercial foldable smartphone. They are now working on applying their flexible display technology and manufacturing capabilities to multiple applications.
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21 Feb 2020

C3 Nano

C3 Nano is a producer of transparent conductive films (TCFs) and inks based on silver nanowires. Their films have 30 to 50 ohms/sq, and can be employed in flexible touch screens.
29 Jan 2020


At CES 2020 Royole Corporation showcased a variety of their flexible OLED displays.
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22 Jan 2020

Printed Electronics: The Opportunities are Coming Thick and Fast

There is dramatic change in some industries, with leading printed electronics vendors moving quickly to capitalize on the new sought after capabilities. These opportunities will be addressed at the Printed Electronics Europe exhibition and conference in Berlin on 13 - 14 May (register by 23 January to save 40%).
16 Dec 2019

How Light a Foldable and Long-Lasting Battery can be

With the launch of wearable devices and smartphones that require high capacity of electricity such as foldable phones and 5G phones, the interest in batteries are increasing and various battery types are developed. For example, flexible batteries embedded in the mobile watch band or wireless power sharing batteries that have developed from wireless charging.
30 Oct 2019

Form AND Function with 3D Electronics: Have Your Cake and Eat It

The general trend in electronics is towards smaller and faster devices. Now something different is coming to market. The new competitive frontier is form factor: flexible, stretchable and structural electronics.
30 Oct 2019

Form AND Function with 3D Electronics: Have Your Cake and Eat It

The general trend in electronics is towards smaller and faster devices. Now something different is coming to market. The new competitive frontier is form factor: flexible, stretchable and structural electronics.
30 Jul 2019

Introducing the Royole transparent, rollable keyboard

The Royole keyboard has been re-designed. It's small, smooth, efficient and compatible with all devices. Users can use their Royole keyboards on any surface with ease.
19 Jun 2019

Touch in flexible displays: which technologies will prevail?

The technologies seeking to unseat ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) are by now themselves old, at least in the sense that they have been around for a decade and a half. They seem to have been forever in the waiting mode, anticipating the arrival of their major breakthrough. A key differentiator has long been higher flexibility and foldability over ITO. The question now is how will different technology options fare given that the paradigm shift towards flexible displays is finally upon us despite the recent product launch delays?
6 Feb 2019

Transparent Conductive Films and Materials: Transition from old to new

The market composition of transparent conductive films and materials has not dramatically shifted for some years. It is heavily reliant upon select markets such as flat consumer small/medium sized electronic touch screens. Indeed, the IDTechEx Research report Transparent Conductive Films and Materials 2018-2028: Forecasts, Technologies, Players puts this reliance around 85-90% today. The emergence of new applications has also been slower than many had predicted and hoped. This report finds that so-called 'old' applications are still the vast majority of the market.
11 Jan 2019

First commercial foldable smartphone with flexible display

Royole Corporation, manufacturer of next-generation human-machine interface technologies and products, including advanced flexible displays, flexible sensors, and smart devices, is showcasing its full line of fully flexible display and flexible sensor technologies.
20 Dec 2018

Royole, Airbus enter partnership on flexible electronic technologies

Royole Corporation and Airbus China Innovation Centre have formally signed a strategic memorandum of understanding. The two parties will collaborate to develop applications that implement flexible electronic technologies in various environments and investigate the possibilities for commercial cooperation.
19 Dec 2018

The Most Significant Materials Science News of 2018

Advancements in material science and material processing will always play a central role in any technological progression. IDTechEx has been providing leading market analysis on a broad range of advanced materials and their technology analysts have given their pick of the key news stories from 2018.
21 Nov 2018

Emerging Technology Highlights from the IDTechEx Show!

Approximately 3,500 attendees from 42 countries attended the IDTechEx Show!, which featured 284 exhibiting organizations. The event, held in Santa Clara, California, is unique in bringing together eight key technologies with the organizations that seek to use them.
7 Nov 2018

Printed Electronics World Firsts in 2018

With the end of the year in sight IDTechEx looks back and reviews what has been new in the world of printed electronics in the last 12 months.
1 Nov 2018

Royole Corporation First to Market with a Foldable Display?

IDTechEx predicted that the first foldable OLED displays would come to market in 2018, based on our research for the report "OLED Display Forecasts and Technologies 2019-2029"
29 Oct 2018

Printed Electronics: Key Trends

IDTechEx finds that the total market for printed, flexible and organic electronics in 2018 is $31.6 Billion. This is based on new research conducted by IDTechEx for the report Flexible, Printed and Organic Electronics 2019-2029.
17 Jul 2018

Mass production of flexible displays at Royole campus

Royole Corporation announced that its massive 1.1-million-square-foot Quasi-G6 Mass Production Campus in Shenzhen, China is up and running for mass production of fully flexible displays.
29 Jan 2018

Emerging Technology at CES 2018

IDTechEx has attended CES 2018. This article will show the highlights in various emerging technologies.