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21 Nov

Emerging Technology Highlights from the IDTechEx Show!

Approximately 3,500 attendees from 42 countries attended the IDTechEx Show!, which featured 284 exhibiting organizations. The event, held in Santa Clara, California, is unique in bringing together eight key technologies with the organizations that seek to use them.
7 Nov

Printed Electronics World Firsts in 2018

With the end of the year in sight IDTechEx looks back and reviews what has been new in the world of printed electronics in the last 12 months.
1 Nov

Royole Corporation First to Market with a Foldable Display?

IDTechEx predicted that the first foldable OLED displays would come to market in 2018, based on our research for the report "OLED Display Forecasts and Technologies 2019-2029"
29 Oct

Printed Electronics: Key Trends

IDTechEx finds that the total market for printed, flexible and organic electronics in 2018 is $31.6 Billion. This is based on new research conducted by IDTechEx for the report Flexible, Printed and Organic Electronics 2019-2029.
17 Jul

Mass production of flexible displays at Royole campus

Royole Corporation announced that its massive 1.1-million-square-foot Quasi-G6 Mass Production Campus in Shenzhen, China is up and running for mass production of fully flexible displays.
29 Jan

Emerging Technology at CES 2018

IDTechEx has attended CES 2018. This article will show the highlights in various emerging technologies.
25 Jan


Royole, a Shenzhen-based company, was founded in 2012 based on Dr Bill Liu's research on flexible displays at Standard University.
Included are:
11 Jan

Ultra-thin transparent flexible sensors on winning selfie stick

Instead of physical buttons found on traditional selfie sticks, multi-function flexible sensors wrap around the device handle and allow users to easily control all camera functions such as: focus, filter selection, front and rear camera selection, recording, shutter, and more.
11 Mar

Royole Corporation

Royole develops the technology to manufacture flexible AMOLED displays. In 2014, the company demonstrated a flexible display with a thickness of only 10 microns. They are based in the Silicon Valley and in Shenzhen (China).
12 Jan

World's thinnest full-color flexible display

Royole Corporation has successfully demonstrated the world's thinnest full-color flexible display. The thickness of the whole display is only about 0.01 mm (10 μm), which is less than one fifth the diameter of the human hair.