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27 Mar 2020


ESS Inc has developed a hybrid iron flow battery that can be significantly competitive with vanadium-based ones, with an electrolyte that is one order of magnitude cheaper.
20 Mar 2020

Can Vertical Farming Revolutionise Global Agriculture?

Vertical farming is the practice of growing plants indoors under fully controlled environmental conditions in many stacked layers, using artificial lighting instead of relying on the sun. By tuning the growing environment to the exact needs of the plant and using soil-free growing techniques, vertical farming can achieve yields hundreds of times higher than conventional agriculture, 365 days a year and without requiring pesticides.
27 Feb 2020

Very Slow is Better: Mesh Networks, IOT to Drones

In engineering and science, the race for faster is well known. It spans from 5G streaming videos in seconds to Hyperloop and space tourism. However, if we are to have the envisaged tens of billions of Internet of Things nodes deployed, they must cost under two cents each and work on a whisper of electricity. No. We must go even further in redefining the problem.
9 Dec 2019

Fetch Robotics

Fetch Robotics was established in 2014. They have raised $23m to date and currently employ 141 people.
9 Dec 2019

A Cafe Staffed by Robots

SoftBank Robotics recently revealed its Pepper Parlor Cafe, staffed with robots. At Pepper PARLOR, a variety of robots work alongside humans.
26 Nov 2019

Commercial-Grade Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper

Whiz can record up to 600 cleaning routes, for which staff teach the robot the initial floor cleaning route upon their first use. Subsequently, routes are stored in Whiz so it can repeat the cleaning route autonomously on its own. Through cloud data visualization, cleaning and status reports on Whiz can be gathered and analyzed.
31 Oct 2019

ESS Inc Raises $30 Million For Flow Battery Energy Storage Systems

The new funding will be used to expand and automate the manufacturing process of ESS Inc.'s second-generation iron flow battery technology.
20 Aug 2019

Funding for utility-scale energy storage technology

Energy Vault has completed a $110 million Series B funding round. The investment for the round was made by SoftBank Vision Fund (Vision Fund) in its first investment in energy storage technology.
28 May 2019

Educational robot made in France

Mainbot has created Winky, an educational and customizable robot. Tested and approved by more than 4,000 families in France.
2 May 2019

AeroVironment announces assembly of first HAWK30 Solar HAPS

AeroVironment Inc announced the achievement of a significant solar HAPS project milestone, the assembly of the first HAWK30 solar HAPS for its HAPSMobile joint venture with SoftBank Corp. HAPS stands for High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellite or High-Altitude Platform Station.
21 Jan 2019


ProLogium is a solid-state battery company located in Taiwan.
10 Oct 2018

Honda, Cruise and General Motors to build new autonomous vehicle

Cruise and General Motors Co have joined forces with Honda to pursue the shared goal of transforming mobility through the large-scale deployment of autonomous vehicle technology.
20 Aug 2018

Brain Corporation

Brain Corp, established in 2009 and located in California, provides software that enables companies to easily autonomous their robots or industrial vehicles (not passenger cars).
3 Jul 2018

Personalized deep learning equips robots for autism therapy

Children with autism spectrum conditions often have trouble recognizing the emotional states of people around them — distinguishing a happy face from a fearful face, for instance. To remedy this, some therapists use a kid-friendly robot to demonstrate those emotions and to engage the children in imitating the emotions and responding to them in appropriate ways.
28 Jun 2018

Humanoid robots help out at HSBC

HSBC Bank and SoftBank Robotics America have partnered to bring Pepper, the engaging, social humanoid robot, to HSBC's bank branches.
6 Jun 2018

SoftBank Vision Fund to invest $2.25 billion in GM Cruise

General Motors announced that the SoftBank Vision Fund will invest $2.25 billion in GM Cruise Holdings LLC, further strengthening the company's plans to commercialize AV technology at large scale. GM will also invest $1.1 billion in GM Cruise upon closing of the transaction.
2 Feb 2018

Drones: large size means large market

The hobbyist market for drones has turned out to be something of a passing fad. Professional use is enduring and growing with modest numbers and a strong software and services aspect.
25 Aug 2017

Helping robots to correct errors on-the-fly and learn from each other

New stochastic separation theorems proved by mathematicians could enhance capabilities of artificial intelligence.
26 Apr 2017

Toyota, ARM, VF Global, Galvani Bioelectronics to Open IDTechEx Show!

The IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, Germany on 10-11 May is Europe's most important event for those involved in technology scouting and product innovation, bringing together emerging technologies with global brands.
30 Mar 2017

Could Airborne Wind Energy become a $3 billion market?

Airborne Wind Energy employs kites, tethered drones or turbines in balloons to make electricity, accessing more consistent, stronger winds above those reached by wind turbines on land.