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Energy Storage
17 Apr

Conductive ink: automotive industry a significant growth opportunity

The automotive industry has emerged as a significant market opportunity for suppliers of conductive pastes and similar materials. It has the potential to one day rival in significance the irreplaceable photovoltaic market. Almost every major paste supplier with a global profile is re-organising its team and its product portfolio to capture this rising trend.
16 Apr

Making Waves: From Automotive to Marine

Why new CO2 targets and global sulphur limitations will be a win for battery demand in ships.
Included are:
16 Apr

Graphene coating could help prevent lithium battery fires

Lithium batteries are what allow electric vehicles to travel several hundred miles on one charge. Their capacity for energy storage is well known, but so is their tendency to occasionally catch on fire - an occurrence known to battery researchers as "thermal runaway."
15 Apr

Bioplastics are a good use for power from intermittent sources

Electricity harvested from the sun or wind can be used interchangeably with power from coal or petroleum sources. Or sustainably produced electricity can be turned into something physical and useful.
12 Apr

Fuel cell advance a breath of fresh air

A promising alternative to conventional power plants, solid oxide fuel cells use electrochemical methods that can generate power more efficiently than existing combustion-based generators. But fuel cells tend to degrade too quickly, eating up any efficiency gains through increased cost.
11 Apr

Next Generation LiS Batteries enabled with Reduced Graphene Oxide

Graphene Batteries AS, Norway
11 Apr

Why Customizing Li-Ion Cells?

Custom Cells Itzehoe GmbH, Germany
11 Apr

Form Factor-Free, Printed Power Sources For Smart Electronics/IoT Era

UNIST, Korea
11 Apr

Thermo-Electrochemical In-Situ Instrumentation For Smart Energy Storage

Coventry University, United Kingdom
11 Apr

E4tech, Germany
11 Apr

Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH Clean-Tech Power Solutions

Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH, Germany
11 Apr

Ammonia: The Next Big Thing In Energy Storage

GenCell Energy, Israel
11 Apr

How Hydrogen And Software Technology Will Disrupt The Energy Markets

Enapter, Italy
11 Apr

Flying UAVs For Hours Instead Of Minutes With Fuel Cells

Intelligent Energy, United Kingdom
11 Apr

Hybrid Capacitors - Making The Driver Experience The Same For Electric Vehicles As Gasoline And Diesel Vehicles

ZapGo Ltd, United Kingdom
11 Apr

Supercapacitors Enable Small Energy Harvesters To Power IoT Applications

CAP-XX Ltd, Australia
11 Apr

Best Technical Development Within Energy Storage Award

DTechEx hosted their annual technology show in Berlin this week. Ending the first day was the award ceremony where IDTechEx recognise company development and success.
11 Apr

Advanced Supercapacitors And Their Materials For Efficient Energy Capturing

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation, Japan
11 Apr

Capturing Super-Small Currents In Supercapacitors

Tokyo Institute of Agriculture & Technology, Japan
11 Apr

Hybrid Electrochemical Capacitors In Aqueous Electrolyte Operating At Sub-Ambient Temperatures

Graz University of Technology, Austria