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3 Nov 2021

World First Hydrogen Powered Ambulance Prototype Displayed

Visitors to COP26 in Glasgow are viewing the world's first hydrogen fuelled ambulance, created by ULEMCo, the UK hydrogen fuel pioneer, and their partners. Interest is strong in the working prototype vehicle, which incorporates a hydrogen fuel cell in the powertrain, can be refuelled quickly and is capable of up to a 300-mile range.
12 Feb 2021

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Ambulance for London This Year

The project, named ZERRO for Zero Emission Rapid Response Operations ambulance, is funded by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles and aims to deliver a prototype zero emission ambulance for the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust by autumn this year.
23 Dec 2020


ULEMCo Ltd based in Liverpool, UK, convert commercial vehicles to run on hydrogen, and presented at the Future Powertrains Conference on "Practical solutions for ultra-low & zero emission commercial vehicles".
14 Apr 2020


KEYOU suggest that HICE technology can go "12 times as far as vehicles with batteries of the same storage weight", meaning the technology allows the same vehicle payload as diesel engine vehicles and KEYOU suggest their HICE system offers a similar range. - Short refuelling time for hydrogen systems vs battery charging. - HICE operational lifetime with maintenance will likely be on a par with diesel engines, which last the lifetime of the vehicle. For battery and fuel cell systems the forecast operational lifetimes are shorter than the usual operational lifetime of the vehicle. - Positive strategic investors NAGEL and partnerships (DEUTZ, Liebherr Group (unconfirmed), Mammoet.