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8 Oct 2020

Trials of the UK's First Hydrogen Powered Train Begin

The first-ever hydrogen-powered train will run on the UK mainline in a big step forward towards the UK's net-zero targets. Trials of the train, known as HydroFLEX have been supported with a £750,000 grant from the Department for Transport, follow almost 2 years' development work and more than £1 million of investment by both Porterbrook and the University of Birmingham.
1 Sep 2020

Potential Stationary Energy Storage Technologies to Monitor

IDTechEx Report: Daniele Gatti
27 May 2020

Materials Informatics 2020-2030

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
17 Apr 2020


IDTechEx interviewed CEO of Intellegens, Ben Pellegrini. The work of Intellegens was outlined in a full profile from January 2019. The company has progressed until March 2020, most notably with projects and upcoming product launches.
17 Apr 2020

Proteus Instruments

Proteus started out from its parent company RS Hydro. It is a trading division of RS Hydro and was formed on the back of an innovation project to develop a real-time BOD sensor. IDTechEx interviewed Hannah Gunter, technical research assistant and Michael Oswell, Sales Director.
7 Feb 2020

Liquid Air Energy Storage Helping to Crack Global Challenge

Developed by academics, liquid air energy storage could play a part in helping to crack the global challenge faced by electricity providers of balancing power supply and demand - thanks to a major research project.
17 Oct 2019

Unmanned, fully-autonomous ship that will cross the Atlantic

A global consortium of partners, led by marine research organization ProMare, is building an unmanned, fully-autonomous ship that will cross the Atlantic on the fourth centenary of the original Mayflower voyage in September 2020.
24 Jan 2019

The robots being readied to enter nuclear no-go zones

Robust, intelligent robots that react to their surroundings are being developed to work in situations that are too dangerous for humans, such as cleaning up Europe's decades-old radioactive waste or helping during a nuclear emergency.
10 Sep 2018

Artificial intelligence can predict how cancers will evolve and spread

Scientists have used artificial intelligence to predict how cancers will progress and evolve - so that doctors can design the most effective treatment for each patient.
29 Aug 2018

Multifunctional Composites 2019-2029: Technology, Players, Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
20 Nov 2017

Grant to establish robotics centre for tackling nuclear waste

It will go towards the creation of the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics which is a multi-university project that has received funding and contributions totalling £40m to bring together a diverse consortium of experts in robotics, AI, sensors and radiation resilient embedded systems to address nuclear waste problems.
7 Jul 2017

Composites 2017-2027: Innovations, Opportunities, Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
1 Mar 2017

Next generation of nuclear robots will go where none have gone before

The cost of cleaning up the UK's existing nuclear facilities has been estimated to be between £95 billion and £219 billion over the next 120 years or so. The harsh conditions within these facilities means that human access is highly restricted and much of the work will need to be completed by robots.
25 Nov 2016

Set for space: 3D printing

Academics are currently developing equipment to explore the possibilities of 3D printing metal components in space within the ESA funded PhotAM research project.
29 Sep 2015

New method for building on an atomic scale improved solar cells

UK scientists have pioneered a new way of manipulating several thousand atoms at a time, paving the way for building nanoscale electronic devices more quickly and easily at room temperature.
30 Jun 2014

Government investment drives UK lead in IoT

A consortium of more than 40 UK-based technology companies funded by the UK's innovation agency, Technology Strategy Board, has delivered on the first phase of its initiative to accelerate the widespread move to the Internet of Things.
9 Oct 2013

New jelly substance could replace platinum in fuel cells

A substance made from gelatin could be used to replace platinum in fuel cells, according to research.