High Power Charging

20 August 2021 by Shazan Siddiqi
High Power Charging/Charger (HPC) refers to level 3 DC fast charging at a rate of 50 kW or more. In an effort to bring charging times down to those of conventional refuelling, such technology will play a vital role. For new EV owners, this means remarkably faster charging times, often cutting down the time needed for nearly full recharge by 30% to even 70%. It is ideal for short-stop locations or fleet vehicle charging, ranging from passenger vehicles to buses and trucks. With the charging power of the HPC, chargers can deliver all the power the new vehicles of the market can utilize. HPC charging is also a real game-changer for long-distance driving, as it dramatically reduces the time needed for charging over the journey. This article provides information about this technology, drivers, specifications, players and markets for DC fast charging stations.
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