ADAS Feature Deployment and the Emergence of Level 3 Vehicles

13 December 2022 by Dr James Jeffs
ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) features within new vehicles are evolving quickly. This article covers the ADAS features that are already available and how deeply they have penetrated the market already. It also discusses some of the emerging ADAS features that will come to market over the next decade. Earlier this year, the Mercedes S-Class was released with level 3 automated technologies, approved for use on the German autobahn. This premium article has a look at the Mercedes S-Class in more detail, along with the Honda Legend which was allowed to operate at level 3 in Japan last year. Changes will be coming to the UNECE legislation which governs level 3 usage in these regions. In the premium article the changes are explained and predictions are made about how regions will react. IDTechEx will also suggest which vehicles are ready and waiting for level 3 deployment.
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