Electric Boats & Ships 2024-2044

The IDTechEx report 'Electric Boats & Ships 2024-2044' reveals the challenges and growth for electrification in the maritime sector. It finds that recreational boats are the largest market by volume, but the hybrid deep-sea sector will generate the most battery demand in MWh due to large battery system capacities/vessel and strong emissions policy drivers from the IMO and EU. The report provides granular 20-year forecasts in unit sales, battery demand (GWh) & battery market value (US$ bn) for electric ferry, electric cargo/container, electric Ro-Ro, electric cruise, electric OSV, electric tugboat, electric recreational boats by powerclass (<1kW, <12kW, >25kW), and shares technology analysis and price information on marine Li-ion battery systems & electric propulsion systems based on supplier interviews.

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