Research Articles

17 Aug 2018

5G will change the way to get TV and internet at home

You are probably used to watching a video or listening to the radio via your smartphone, or to be more specific, 4G LTE however 5G technology will revolutionise the way you get TV and internet at home.
17 Aug 2018

Why the times are a changin' in marine electrification

The marine industry is at a turning point: vessel owners and operators are increasingly attracted to the value proposition of installing a battery system. Electrification is gaining momentum. Here's why.
17 Aug 2018

Smart Cities Massively Exceeding Expectation

The term smart city originally meant little beyond using much more information technology IT. However, new IDTechEx report, "Smart City Opportunities: Infrastructure, Systems, Materials 2019-2029" reveals that much more dramatic changes are both required and possible and humans will be in the driving seat.
17 Aug 2018

Fiber laser sensing trends: LiDAR, gas detection & structural health

Fiber lasers have a large share of the laser material processing market but are typically limited to aerospace and defence applications in the sensing market segment. That is set to change within the next decade as emerging applications of fiber laser technologies include automotive LiDAR, multi-species gas sensing and structural health monitoring.
16 Aug 2018

Monsanto case reaffirms that robotics is the future of agrochemicals

Last week a US court held Monsanto's glyphosate responsible for causing cancer in a ground keeper, awarding $289M of damages. You might wonder what the link between this verdict and agricultural robotics is? The answer is everything.
16 Aug 2018

Biobased polymers will grow twice as fast as petrochemical polymers

Biobased polymers, a class of polymers that are manufactured from a biomass source rather than from an oleochemical source, will grow twice as fast as petrochemical polymers to 2023.
15 Aug 2018

Healthcare for all, but where is the doctor?

Modicare, possibly the world's biggest government-funded health care program, will be launched on 25th September this year, announced by Prime Minister in India in his Independence Day speech today.
14 Aug 2018

Webinar 23 August - New supercapacitor materials enable new markets

IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday 23 August titled New Supercapacitor Materials Enable Huge New Markets.
09 Aug 2018

Lead Acid Battery Horrors Spur Action at Last

The lead acid battery industry repeats a mantra that almost all of them are recycled and they are by far the lowest cost solution for cars and much else besides. Many forces now question and begin to change this.
07 Aug 2018

Losing the wires: patient monitoring via electronic skin patches

There are many wearable technology products that focus on getting the user moving. Nowhere is this more relevant than in inpatient monitoring in a clinical setting.
06 Aug 2018

Webinar Thursday 9 August - River, Wave and Tidal Power Reinvented

IDTechEx is hosting a free webinar on Thursday 9 August titled - River, Wave and Tidal Power Reinvented: A Bright Future.
02 Aug 2018

Advanced wound imaging - going beyond 2D photographs

An emerging trend in wound care management is the use of connected devices such as smartphones and tablets to simplify and streamline the documentation process. Photographs of wounds taken on these devices, complete with calculated wound dimensions, can be directly added to a patient's electronic health record via specialized software and apps.