Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Key Semiconductor Trends

Lucy Rogers
Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Key Semiconductor Trends
Webinar Title: Key Semiconductor Trends in Edge AI, Automotive, and Advanced Semiconductor Packaging
Date: Wednesday 21 June 2023
Presenter: Leo Charlton (Technology Analyst at IDTechEx), Dr James Jeffs (Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx) & Dr Yu-Han Chang (Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx)
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Semiconductors are at the heart of almost all technologies used in modern life. Even though they have so thoroughly permeated daily lives there are still significant development and growth opportunities for some semiconductors used in specific applications. In this IDTechEx webinar, three analysts from three teams explain key semiconductor opportunities in their areas.
Leo Charlton
Semiconductors in Photonics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Specialist
In IDTechEx's recent report "AI Chips 2023-2033", compound annual growth rate for AI hardware at the edge is forecast to be 27% over the ten-year period, a higher rate of growth than for AI in the cloud. Some applications of AI at the edge - while increasing user functionality and thereby becoming the new normal - are not fundamental components to a system, while others are only possible with the inclusion of AI.
In this section of the webinar, analysts will discuss AI at the Edge, touching on the following key points: 
  • AI-crucial technologies, such as autonomous driving, and the current state of the technology landscape
  • AI as enablers of new functionalities at the edge, such as for the smartphone market
  • Requirements for AI hardware at the edge
Dr James Jeffs
Automotive Specialist
IDTechEx's "Semiconductors for Autonomous and Electric Vehicles 2023-2033" report finds that autonomous technologies are going to be the biggest factor in driving growth in automotive semiconductor industry. Innovative technologies such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and autonomous driving computers require new semiconductor materials and technologies, far beyond typical automotive applications.
This section of the webinar will cover the following topics:
  • Semiconductor technologies used in autonomous vehicles
  • Capabilities of automotive semiconductor suppliers and the role of foundries
Dr Yu-Han Chang
Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Specialist
Data-rich applications like machine learning and AI play a crucial role in various fields, such as data centers, 5G, and autonomous vehicles. These applications require powerful processors, which are based on integrated circuits (ICs) built on silicon (Si). With the slowdown of Moore's law and the increasing difficulty and cost of scaling monolithic ICs, IC vendors are turning towards advanced semiconductor packaging.
In this section of the webinar, analysts will discuss the following topics:
  • Key technology trend in semiconductor packaging
  • Growth drivers in main application areas for advanced semiconductor packaging: high performance computing (HPC) applications/data centers, communication networks, autonomous cars, and consumer electronics

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Date: Wednesday 21 June 2023
Duration: Approx. 45 Minutes
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