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Since being founded in 1977, Hyundai MOBIS has transformed itself into an automotive parts maker in 1999, and has been propelling the development of the global automotive parts industry. By offering top-quality products, technologies and services, Hyundai MOBIS strengthened its position in the automotive parts industry to become the 7th largest global automotive parts suppliers in 2018. Now, Hyundai MOBIS begins to take another bold leap forward. With future car technologies, including autonomous driving, connectivity and electrification, Hyundai MOBIS is seeking to create a new future for automobiles. Hyundai MOBIS aims to take the lead in preparing future automotive solutions that everyone is avidly looking forward to.
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Hyundai Mobis
19 Nov 2020

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Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis gave an overview of some of their recent developments and their technology road map for the next few years at the IDTechEX Show in Santa Clara 2019.
20 Nov 2019

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Hyundai MOBIS, United States
18 Oct 2019

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