Innoviz Technologies (IL)

Innoviz Technologies (IL)

Innoviz is a leading provider of cutting-edge LiDAR remote sensing and computer vision solutions designed to enable the mass commercialization of autonomous vehicles. The company's products deliver superior performance at the cost and size required for mass market adoption. Available now, InnovizPro™ offers unrivaled angular resolution at the highest frame rate of any LiDAR solution currently on the market. The company's automotive-grade LiDAR, InnovizOne™, will be available in 2019 and was selected by BMW for series production of its autonomous vehicles in 2021.
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Innoviz Technologies (IL)
13 Sep 2019


Innoviz offer lidar modules and lidar software.
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30 Aug 2019

Artificial muscles bloom, dance and wave

Researchers have developed an ultrathin, artificial muscle for soft robotics. The advancement was demonstrated with a robotic blooming flower brooch, dancing robotic butterflies and fluttering tree leaves on a kinetic art piece.
27 Jun 2019

Vagus nerve stimulation reduces rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

The results of a pilot study suggest that electro stimulation of one of the nerves connecting the brain to the body (the vagus nerve), could provide a novel treatment approach for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
21 May 2019

BASF and Paxis advance innovative materials for new 3D printing tech

BASF 3D Printing Solutions is to provide innovative additive manufacturing materials to Paxis LLC for their new WAV™ (Wave Applied Voxel) technology. This is currently in development and is designed to meet the needs of additive manufacturing users, advanced manufacturing as well as traditional manufacturing markets.
21 Jan 2019

Korea to produce 6.2 million hydrogen cars by 2040

South Korea aims to produce 6.2 million units of fuel cell electric vehicles and build 1,200 refilling stations across the country by 2040.
17 Jan 2019


IDTechEx met with Hamin Shin from KAIST. Hamin works within the ADVNANO (Advanced Nano - Energy and Materials) lab under Professor Il-Doo Kim. They demonstrated a poster showing the process that they had developed for coating yarns. The yarn is treated with jetted metal via an electrospinning process.
7 Jan 2019

Shape-conformable batteries based on 3D-printing technology

Flexible, wireless electronic devices are rapidly emerging and have reached the level of commercialization; nevertheless, most of battery shapes are limited to either spherical and/or rectangular structures, which results in inefficient space use.
20 Jun 2018

Lincoln Clean Energy adds to its executive leadership team

Lincoln Clean Energy announced that Vishal Kapadia has joined the company as its Senior Vice President of Finance and Corporate Development where he will spearhead all finance functions for Lincoln Clean Energy's rapidly expanding renewable energy portfolio.
26 Jul 2017

New world efficiency record with perovskite solar cells

A recent study finds key to produce a new cost-efficient way to produce inorganic-organic hybrid perovskite solar cells which sets a new world-record efficiency performance of 22.1 % in small cells and 19.7 percent in 1-square-centimeter cells.
21 Mar 2017

HP unveils Open Materials program to advance polymer powders for 3DP

Attending AMUG 2017 in Chicago, IL, this week, Technology Analyst Dr Bryony Core gained exclusive insight to HP's new Open Materials and Applications Lab and their Materials Development Kit (MDK) for the optimisation of polymer powders for use in additive manufacturing.
17 Feb 2017

Enstorage Inc

EnStorage is an Israeli start-up working on hybrid redox flow batteries based on hydrogen and bromine. It has 500 kW / 4 MWh worth of projects planned up to 2020.
2 Nov 2016

Italian olive oil brands choose Thinfilm's NFC Technology

Thin Film Electronics ASA has announced that it is integrating its NFC SpeedTap tags in the packaging of Italian olive oil brands to enable product authentication, enhance consumer engagement, and fuel online sales.
14 Aug 2015

Fiber-like light-emitting diodes for wearable displays

Researchers have developed fiber-like light-emitting diodes which can be applied in wearable displays.
30 Jul 2015

Ultra-thin hollow nanocages reduce platinum use in fuel cell electrode

A new fabrication technique that produces platinum hollow nanocages with ultra-thin walls could dramatically reduce the amount of the costly metal needed to provide catalytic activity in such applications as fuel cells.
7 May 2015


UICO make touch technology solutions, around durable pro-cap solutions for water/dirt/glove readability. They formed in 2007, based in Chicago, and are now expanding their operations at a second site in Silicon valley.
6 May 2015


SolidEnergy is a battery start up from MIT, which is presenting a solid state battery based on a very thin anode that results in very high energy density. The founders of the company are Dr. Quichao Hu and Professor Donald Sadoway.
23 Apr 2014

Unlocking secrets of new solar material

A new solar material that has the same crystal structure as a mineral first found in the Ural Mountains in 1839 is shooting up the efficiency charts faster than almost anything researchers have seen before—and it is generating optimism that a less expensive way of using sunlight to generate electricity may be in our planet's future.
18 Feb 2014

Boulder Ionics announces exclusive licence agreement with CSIRO

Boulder Ionics Corp., developer and producer of high-performance electrolytes and electrochemical-grade ionic liquids for advanced energy storage devices, today announced that it has signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia's national science agency, to develop and commercialize the use of pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquids in electrolytes for lithium-ion and advanced chemistry batteries.
21 Oct 2013

Core technology for lithium air secondary battery developed

The core technology for lithium air secondary battery, the next generation high capacity battery, has been finally developed.
5 Jul 2013

Curved OLED TV earns globally recognized green certifications

LG Electronics (LG) has announced that its CURVED OLED TV has been certified energy efficient and designed with the environment in mind by three separate certification bodies: Intertek, the European Commission and the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT).