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4 Apr 2022

Derq — AI-Powered City Traffic Infrastructure

1 Apr 2022

Redundancy in Autonomous Heavy-Duty Trucks

Autonomous trucks are now entering more advanced stages of testing, with some companies completing driverless journeys on public roads without a driver behind the wheel. This premium article investigates the challenges around system redundancy and failure modes that must be considered when looking to automate a heavy-duty truck. Generally, this can be split by control redundancy, like the brakes and steering, and redundancy in the autonomous control system. Here, we go into detail on which systems are required to have redundancies, how redundancy can be achieved, and what happens when redundancy fails.
11 Mar 2022

Chip Makers for Autonomous Vehicles: Five Promising Start-ups

Chipmaker start-ups are emerging within the autonomous vehicle industry, which is suddenly demanding powerful but highly efficient processors for huge datasets in real time from the multitude of sensors on the vehicle (cameras, radars, lidars, and more). This article investigates and reviews five promising players.
7 Mar 2022

California DMV Disengagement Stats Are In: Here Is IDTechEx's Top 3

California DMV has recently released its new 2021 autonomous testing and disengagement data, which essentially describes how safe autonomous vehicles are. IDTechEx has performed its analysis on the data and the results may surprise you.
23 Feb 2022

Nio (2022)

Nio Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and sells smart electric vehicles in China and Europe. The company offers five, six, and seven-seater electric SUVs, as well as smart electric sedans. It is also involved in a battery swapping service called Power Swap. Nio Inc. was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China.
1 Nov 2021

ITS World Congress 2021 - Talks and Panel Discussions

Talks and discussions from players and experts from the autonomous and connected vehicle industry.
29 Oct 2021

Mobileye: ADAS & Autonomy Computation

Mobileye is an Intel company and provides computational hardware for ADAS and autonomous applications in the automotive industry. IDTechEx spoke to Mobileye at ITS World Congress 2021.
Included are:
29 Oct 2021

ITS World Congress 2021 - Talks and Panel Discussions

In October 2021 Hamburg played host to the ITS World Congress which focusses on the future of urban mobility and showcases technologies for autonomous and connected transportation. In total there were over 210 talks and panel discussions. This premium article covers some of the key ones that IDTechEx attended.
24 Aug 2021


9 Aug 2021


31 May 2021

Autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is 2-3 Years Away, For Real

"Autonomous cars will be here in 2 years" has been a standard sentence from the industry for the past 5 years or so. Now there is good reason to expect autonomous ride-hailing services to hit our roads within 3 years. So, what has happened in the last year in the world of autonomy to give this confidence boost?
10 May 2021

Opsys technologies

Opsys technologies are a LiDAR start-up with unique VCSEL production technologies.
13 Apr 2021

Arbe Robotics

13 Jul 2020

NIO: eve concept, the future of autonomous vehicles

NIO showcased their autonomous eve concept at SXSW 2019, in a recent webinar they gave further details and a look into what the future autonomous driving experience may look like.
29 Apr 2020

Solaris to Introduce 15 Meter Electric Bus

This year, Solaris will introduce a 15-meter Urbino version to the electric bus portfolio. Up until now, the "electric offer" of Solaris encompassed only city buses, the 15-meter version of the Urbino will also meet requirements of inter-city transport.
11 Oct 2019

Lidar 2020-2030: Technologies, Players, Markets & Forecasts

IDTechEx Report:
13 Sep 2019


Continental offer lidar modules, radar modules and cameras for ADAS.
13 Sep 2019

Phantom Intelligence

Phantom Intelligence offer lidar modules and digital signal processing solutions for lidar. IDTechEx interviewed Mr Jean-Yves DeschĂȘnes in May 2019. DeschĂȘnes is the CEO of Phantom Intelligence, and he is based in Canada.
11 Sep 2019


AEye offer lidar modules that integrate a 2D RGB camera. IDTechEx interviewed Mr Aravind Ratnam and Mr Stephen Lambright from AEye in May 2019. Ratnam is the Vice President of Product and Lambright is the Vice President of Marketing, and both are based in USA.
7 Nov 2018

First autonomous EV ride-hailing service

The Volkswagen Group, Mobileye, an Intel Company, and Champion Motors announced plans to deploy Israel's first self-driving ride hailing service - or Mobility-as-a-Service - starting next year.