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6 Aug

Ultra-thin layers of rust generate electricity from flowing water

Rust is a common problem on infrastructure, but new research shows that when it's combined with salt water, it can also be a source of electricity.
4 Jun

Electronic Skin Patches 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward and Dr Nadia Tsao
15 May

Low-cost, high-tech synthetic biology for the classroom

How can high school students learn about a technology as complex and abstract as CRISPR? It's simple: just add water.
2 May

Graphene, 2D Materials and Carbon Nanotubes: Markets, Technologies and Opportunities 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh
25 Mar

It's no Fortnite, but it's helping stroke survivors move again

Severely impaired stroke survivors are regaining function in their arms after sometimes decades of immobility, thanks to a new video game-led training device.
5 Mar

Soft, flexible sensors for newborn babies

A pair of soft, flexible wireless body sensors that replace the tangle of wire-based sensors that currently monitor babies in hospitals' neonatal intensive care units and pose a barrier to parent-baby cuddling and physical bonding.
5 Mar

Spider silk could be used as robotic muscle

Spider silk, already known as one of the strongest materials for its weight, turns out to have another unusual property that might lead to new kinds of artificial muscles or robotic actuators, researchers have found.
22 Feb

'GO dough' makes graphene easy to shape and mold

A university team has turned graphene oxide into a soft, moldable and kneadable play dough that can be shaped and reshaped into free-standing, three-dimensional structures. The malleable material solves several long-standing — and sometimes explosive — problems in the graphene manufacturing industry.
14 Feb

Transparent Conductive Films and Materials 2019-2029: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh and Raghu Das
29 Jan

Wearable patch measures sweat in extreme environments

A research team has unveiled a thin and robust sweat sensor that is capable of monitoring hydration during exercise. The circular patch, with a width of just 30 mm, works underwater and in dry, arid environments - which makes it ideal for monitoring fluid loss during swimming, triathlons, ultramarathons and many other endurance sports.
14 Jan

Wearable microfluidic sensor measures skin pH levels

My Skin Track pH is the first wearable sensor and companion app to easily measure personal skin pH levels and create customized product regimens to better care for skin.
4 Jan

Tiny, implantable device uses light to treat bladder problems

A team of neuroscientists and engineers has developed a tiny, implantable device that has potential to help people with bladder problems bypass the need for medication or electronic stimulators.
14 Dec

CPI collaborates on BodySense Project

The Centre for Process Innovation is part of a collaboration aiming to improve the performance of smart devices used to capture real-time health and lifestyle data. Working with a number of partners on the BodySense project, CPI is supporting the development of next generation multi-functional sensing devices.
30 Nov

Wearable skin and sun safety sensor

L'Oréal announced that La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV, a battery-free wearable electronic to measure UV exposure, is now available.
14 Nov

Dimension Inx

Dimension Inx is a 3D printing materials company with a focus biomedical applications. IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao interviewed Dimension Inx co-founders Dr Ramille Shah and Dr Adam Jakus on 23 Oct 2018.
14 Nov

Could wearables monitor blood pressure?

A lab simulation model of an artificial artery demonstrates pulse wave velocity is a feasible measurement for monitoring blood pressure. Wearable patches show promise for measuring PWV, making them a potentially inexpensive blood-pressure monitoring option.
7 Nov

Skin sensor could improve life for a million hydrocephalus patients

Most people simply take ibuprofen when they get a headache. But for someone with hydrocephalus - a potentially life-threatening condition in which excess fluid builds up in the brain -- a headache can indicate a serious problem that can result in a hospital visit, thousands of dollars in scans, radiation and sometimes surgery.
29 Oct

Development of wearable device for dermatology research

LEO Science & Tech Hub, the Boston-based R&D innovation unit of LEO Pharma, announced that they will partner with Wearifi Inc and the Center for Bio-Integrated Electronics at Northwestern University to investigate the clinical potential of next-generation wearable electronics in dermatology research.
18 Oct

First example of a bioelectronic medicine demonstrated

Researchers have developed the first example of a bioelectronic medicine: an implantable, biodegradable wireless device that speeds nerve regeneration and improves the healing of a damaged nerve.
2 Oct

Stretchable and Conformal Electronics 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, James Hayward and Dr Xiaoxi He