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Proterra is a leader in the design and manufacture of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles, enabling bus fleet operators to significantly reduce operating costs while delivering clean, quiet transportation to local communities across North America. With more than 595 vehicles sold to 70 different municipal, university, airport, federal and commercial transit agencies in 32 U.S. states and Canadian provinces, Proterra is committed to providing state of the art, high performance vehicles to meet today's growing market demand. The company's configurable Catalyst platform is capable of serving the full daily mileage needs of nearly every transit route on a single charge. With unmatched durability and energy efficiency based on rigorous U.S. certification testing, Proterra products are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in America, with offices in Silicon Valley, South Carolina, and Los Angeles
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Proterra, Inc.
14 Sep

Electric vehicles are the new material battleground

Electric vehicles are rapidly scaling up in production, but under the surface of this explosive growth there are significant competitions taking place across the supply chain.
24 Aug

Fuel Cell Vehicles 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
22 Aug

Electric Vehicles: Everything Is Changing - Discussing The Key Trends

IDTechEx's will bring together the leaders of the emerging electric vehicle sectors of the future. Whilst electric cars are an important area for electrification, passenger vehicles are not the only segment that is becoming electrified.
18 Jun

Chicago Transit Board $32 million contract for all-electric buses

The Chicago Transit Board awarded a $32 million contract for the purchase of 20 new, all-electric buses - the latest investment by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the CTA to completely modernize the agency's bus fleet.
8 Dec

Energy Independent Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air 2018-2038

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Franco Gonzalez
27 Nov

Bay Areas first electric airport bus fleet

Proterra has announced that the San José City Council has approved the purchase of ten Proterra Catalyst E2 zero-emissions battery-electric transit buses and related charging infrastructure for use at the Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport.
7 Nov

Ten Forecasts for the Automotive Sector

IDTechEx Report:
27 Oct

Electric vehicles deliver two killer blows

The total cost of ownership of an electric vehicle is usually lower than the TCO of the smoking alternative but that is just the beginning.
27 Sep

World record for driving on a single charge

Proterra, an innovator in heavy-duty electric transportation, has announced it has set a world record for driving the longest distance ever traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge.
8 Jun

Hyundai comeback on buses

Hyundai used to be a leader in buses but the explosion of the huge, protected Chinese market has resulted in the global leaders consisting entirely of Chinese companies growing their sales rapidly - mainly with pure electric buses - and Daimler, with declining sales.
11 May

Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles 2017-2027

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Raghu Das
16 Jan

The death of conventional buses

The recent developments of the bus industry have led to impressive advancements: batteries with two different chemistries have been demonstrated to be capable of retaining 90% of the capacity after 10,000 deep cycles in ultra fast charge up to 400kW.
17 Nov

Maximizing Range & Democratizing Zero-Emission Electric Buses

Proterra, United States
10 Nov

Hundreds of new electric vehicle technologies revealed

IDTechEx Show! on emerging technologies is taking place November 16-17 in Santa Clara California with record attendance and display of electric vehicle technologies of the future. Coverage is exceptionally comprehensive with land, water and airborne electric vehicle technologies in evidence.
9 Nov

Buses reinvented

The very structure of the bus is changing with electrics, mechanics and electronics previously made as "components-in-a-box" being replaced by structural electronics - the roof is the solar, the dashboard is the instruments - all as smart materials.
8 Nov

The bus of the future

Buses are very important. Injuries and deaths from two wheelers have not reduced very much in decades whereas vehicles with four wheels or more have seen huge improvements.
3 Nov

Silicon valley: doctor heal thyself

Silicon Valley in California spawns the awesome giants that hold the future in their hands but they cannot solve their traffic problem.
14 Sep

Will Western bus companies be wiped out?

Global warming is leading to increasingly onerous laws worldwide restricting carbon dioxide emissions. Even some of today's hybrids will fail to conform so it is back to the drawing board for most of the world's vehicle manufacturers.
5 Aug

Bus that travels above traffic

In August 2016, China Xinhua News reported that the Transit Elevated Bus has had its first road test in Qinhuangdao City. It consisted of a brake and power consumption test of this electric vehicle that runs on tracks.
27 Jun

Which traction motor wins?

In this article IDTechEx analyzes the trends in traction motors at EVS29 in Montreal, Canada last week.