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Tekscan's patented tactile force measurement and pressure mapping solutions provide you with actionable information to optimize your product designs or improve clinical and research outcomes. Our sensors and systems are used in a wide range of applications either as a stand-alone solution or as an embedded technology.
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Tekscan, Inc.
6 Mar 2023

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Orpyx has developed a smart insole technology designed to aid diabetics with peripheral neuropathy and prevent ulcers and reduce demand for surgical interventions. Tess Skyrme, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, interviewed the VP of Marketing, Karen Smith.
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Tekscan manufactures flexible pressure sensors, based on force sensitive resistors. Medical applications are a particular focus.
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17 Apr 2020

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Tekscan are a manufacturer of tactile pressure and force measurement sensors and systems. This background summary is from the IDTechEX Show 2019 in Santa Clara.
21 Nov 2019

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Tekscan, Inc.United States
16 Sep 2019

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Tekscan, Inc.United States
2 Feb 2016

Tangio Printed Electronics

1 Sep 2013

Tactonic Technologies

they do not plan to make their own factories
1 Sep 2013

Vista Medical

30 Aug 2013

Tekscan Inc

Tekscan manufactures force sensors but their business model is slightly different than their competitor's . Tekscan is a company manufacturing measurement systems: they make sensors but 3/4 of their business is the integration into a complete instrument for the customers. They specialize in medical applications in particular.
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30 Aug 2013


Sensitronics does not bear CapEx investment - Well known despite little publicity - The company has continuously tried to improve and diversify the products