Reaching a wider e-mobility community

Reaching a wider e-mobility community
IDTechEx is once again meeting its promise to allow a wider community of e-mobility players to compare notes. As its name implies, Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air USA 2012 in San Jose California March 27-28 lets you meet people not present at events with a narrower product and geographical focus. This unique forum is vital to those widening their scope in the EV value chain, leaving behind those with tunnel vision.
Already there are delegates signed up from Mongolia, Slovenia, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Israel and across North America and Europe, even including Gibraltar, Mexico, India and Tanzania. They know that this is very much a global business and there are still very few manufacturers and service providers bright enough to examine both economy of scale and profitable niches across all land, water and aircraft applications. Only here can they learn why electric vehicles are now an important part of the activity of Boeing, Airbus, Cessna, the Military, the Oil & Gas Industry and those selling underwater and on-water craft. Silicon Valley is the hotbed of course and IDTechEx has arranged privileged visits to some of the most exciting local players as part of the event.
Meet the Ministry of Defence of Japan, L3 Combat Propulsion Systems, iRobot, German Aerospace Center, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power Toyota Government Sales plus the state government agency - California Technology Agency. In aviation, Beyond Aviation, formerly Bye Energy, the company electrifying the best-selling Cessna will attend to hear the five electric aircraft presentations spanning airliners to helicopters and small fixed wing planes. Learn what they all need.
In agriculture - rapidly adopting electrification - Hagie Manufacturing, SolTrac, a John Deere subsidiary and a farmer are amongst those present. Cavotec and other marine systems and craft suppliers will be delegates, so, with on-water and underwater e-craft presentations, there are plenty of marine people to meet.
Track down those in light electric vehicles and e-motorbikes such as LYRIC Motion Products, Mission Motors, ElectroWheels of Canada, MotoRoad of Mexico and others. Many next generation battery experts are signed up including Nilar Inc, IBM, ElectroVaya and Oxis Energy. Then there is next generation materials and processing represented by delegates and speakers from 3M, Oak-Mitsui (aluminum bonded copper), OK International, Plasma Ruggedized Solutions and more.
If you want investment, many investors and investment service providers will be present including GP Bullhound, the Investment Banking Institute and Kollmorgen Corporation. Publicity? Well the list starts with CBS News and ATN News TV wanting to talk to you at the event. Last year saw GizMag, Korean TV and others doing extensive interviews.