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29 Mar

Haptics in Ready Player One: an analysis of fact and fiction

As Ready Player One is released in cinemas around the world, IDTechEx are also releasing their latest market research report after four years covering the haptics industry.
24 Jan

Tactical Haptics

Tactical Haptics exhibited as part of the NSF pavilion in Eureka Park at CES 2018. They were demonstrating their latest configurable gaming controller containing frictional haptics. IDTechEx visited their booth.
27 Nov

Stretchable and Conformable Electronics: Heading Toward Market Reality

Stretchable and conformal electronics are more than just novelties. This article by IDTechEx analysts Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh and James Hayward, first published in SID Information Display, describes how many of the simpler and less glamorous aspects of stretchable and conformable devices have already been commercialized or are very close to being commercialized.
25 Apr

Can commercialisation of VR jump-start the haptics industry?

Haptics are key technologies found as an essential feature enhancing the user experience in many very familiar products today. Whether as notification provision in a vibrating smartphone, tension building in a video game controller, or input confirmation in an industrial scanner, haptics technologies have now reached billions of electronics devices.
12 Jan

Updates from CES 2017

A team of IDTechEx analysts attended CES 2017 in the first week of January. Our aim was to cover all of the latest updates and trends in each of the topics that we cover. In this exclusive premium article, we report our observations in the VR, AR/MR, smartwatch & fitness tracker, sensors, air quality monitoring, displays and haptics spaces.
6 Oct

Less is more in smart eyewear

With the recent launch and announcement of two smart eyewear products in two weeks, IDTechEx Technology Analyst James Hayward looks back at the checkered history of smart eyewear, and examines what the differences will be with this new generation of products.
2 Sep

Virtual reality experience featuring president Obama

Very few people will get to experience the beauty of the US national parks alongside a sitting president. Transporting people to places they might not get to see in their lifetime is one of the great powers of VR says Oculus.
25 May

Plastic and flexible OLED displays market to reach $18bn by 2020

IDTechEx Research has just released new forecasts for the OLED display market.
11 Feb

More players getting into touch with emerging haptics

As CES passed for another year we saw another wave of announcements and demonstrations without the topic reaching the limelight it will soon command.
8 Feb

Display and optics architecture in AR and VR smartglasses applications

This article looks into some of the differences in requirements in AR and VR head mounted displays.
15 Jan


Oculus VR is a US based virtual reality company that was acquired by Facebook for $2bn in March, 2014.
Included are:
18 Dec

Wearable technology in 2015 - how far have we come?

As the hype around wearable technology fades, IDTechEx technology analyst James Hayward looks at where the industry is now.
9 Sep

Key wearable technology markets

In 2015 the wearable technology market will be $24.2 billion. However, the majority of this - 74% - is for already mature wearables - the humble electronic wristwatch, earphones, blood glucose test strips and the like according to IDTechEx Research in the report Wearable Technology 2015-2025: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts.
27 Jul

Pebbles Interfaces joins Oculus

Oculus VR have announced that they have entered into an agreement to acquire Pebbles Interfaces — one of the leading teams in depth sensing technology and computer vision
11 Mar

Royole Corporation

10 Mar

Wearable Sensors - Driving a Huge Commercial Opportunity

Wearable technology has received a lot of attention in the last five years. This article discusses the driving force behind this - the adaption of technology into a form factor that can be worn on the body.
23 Feb

First real-time mixed reality ski race

A professional skier battled against two online gamers in the world's first interactive 'mixed reality' downhill ski race using technology pioneered by European researchers.
6 Feb

Wearable technology to integrate movement into gaming

A virtual reality head-mounted display that uses custom tracking technology to integrate movement into a natural experience in a game
17 Dec

IDTechEx try the Samsung Gear VR

The progress of virtual reality headsets.
16 Dec

Smartly dressed - but only one at a time?

IDTechEx report from a recent event on Wearable Technology in Fashion